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General Guidelines For Leh Tour

General Guidelines for Leh – Ladakh Tour
Just for the start, thanks for registering a tour to Leh – Ladakh with our organization. We will do our best to provide you with excellent services and support throughout the span of your tour to make it one of the most memorable trips of your lifetime. With the help of this document, we will try to provide you some tips and guidance which you can follow to make this Leh – Ladakh tour of yours, ever successful. We will try to keep it as short and concise as possible for a quick read.
First thing is to keep in mind is that Leh – Ladakh is a HIGH altitude adventure destination, NOT just any other tourist destination. Hence, one should always plan the trip to this magical place with proper care and expert’s advice rather landing up right there in Ladakh without any clue and calling for a big trouble. We are overwhelmed that you had confidence in us and have chosen us for your trip to this BARREN but BEAUTIFUL land on earth named “Ladakh”.
1. Acclimatization & High Altitude
Acclimatization is the key for a successful trip to Leh – Ladakh being an high altitude terrain. A poorly acclimatized body can spoil the fun of the whole trip. We suggest you take below precautions to help get your bodies acclimatized to good extend.
1. Best way to acclimatize is gradual ascent, so always try to prefer Srinagar – Leh Highway over flying directly to leh over Manali – Leh Highway, in this very order. Hence, the last choice should be reaching Leh by Manali – Leh Highway.
2. When flying directly to Leh, DO take complete rest for the first day of the trip. DO NOT exert in any sense even as little as walking briskly. If required, walk at slow pace.
3. Keep your bodies adequately hydrated but do not over hydrate. Hence, take frequent small sips of water or juices.
4. AVOID smoking and drinking for first 3-4 days at least, especially if you are flying directly.
5. AVOID oily food and take lots of carbohydrates rich diet.
6. In case, you fill in while at High altitude place like Ladakh then DO NOT ascend to any further heights. Either stay at the same height to monitor things or descend immediately.
7. Always try to keep yourself in the warmth of woolens and avoid exposing skin to cold. So, keep your woolens on even if you feel it could be pleasant at least for first 3-4 days

Things You Must Carry for Leh – Ladakh Trip
1. Basic medical First – Aid Kit along with your ongoing medicines, if any. Do carry some medicines for general
illness like mild fever, nausea, stomach upset, cold etc.
2. Photo Identity Nationality Proof like DL, Passport etc. along with their photo copies for all the members of the
3. 2-3 copies of your Air Tickets, if any.
4. 2-3 copies of the detailed Tour Plan along with Hotels
5. Phone Chargers. Try to charge your phone wherever possible, you never know when you may run out of power.
6. Lip Balms, Sunscreen and Moisturizers or Cold creams are must have for a dry and cold region like Ladakh
7. Torchlight or mobile with Torchlight. Always carry them when going out and keep it handy or in reach when you
go to sleep.
8. Personal Hygiene items like
i. Sanitizers at least 2-3 bottles (must have)
ii. Paper soaps
iii. Other required toiletries like toothbrush, toothpaste, shaving kit etc.
9. Lots of Dry Fruits. Also, do carry them on local excursions as well, who knows where they might come handy in
case you are stuck for long hours between some roadblock or traffic jam.
10. Carry come energy chocolate bars like perk, bar one, five stars etc. along with other eateries.
11. Clothing: You must carry clothes which can be worn in layers.
i. 2-3 Pairs of Thermal Suits
ii. 3-4 sets of Heavy woolens in most part of the year except July and August where one can get away with
light woolens.
iii. 1 heavy woolen jacket is always handy throughout the year even in the months of July and August
where it can act as a backup. But, you should carry 1 light woolen jacket as well in the month of June to
August, may be there could be days when you need it.
iv. 3-4 pairs of woolen socks. And if going to Ladakh in winters from October to April, you also might need
good insulated shoes as well to protect your feet from the cold.
v. Carry at least one or two caps to protect yourself from direct sunlight as it is too harsh in this region.
Kids specially wear caps or hats all the time when out in sun.
vi. Sunglasses to protect your eyes from the reflections from snow especially from January to June when
there is too much of snow and looking directly at reflecting sunshine on snow will cause sense of
irritation in the eyes or watery eyes. So, do carry sunglasses for sure .
vii. Hand Gloves, must have in the months of October to April/May
In the end, it is always nice to take some candies, chocolates, books, pens, pencils, crayons etc. anything that you can

Other Miscellaneous Tips
1. At any cost, DO KEEP yourself warm enough with proper woolen clothing and always wear shoes all the time with woolens socks. This helps you keep warm and reduce the chances of getting hit by illness.
2. If you start your day early, along with your dry fruits, you might want to carry fruits with you wherever you can. Fruits always help in keeping the energy levels high.
3. While making a long day trips to remote places like Pangong Tso, it is always better to carry packed food with you as the quality available in between might not be at par for you if you are not much into adventure travel.
4. Only Post Paid Phone Connections work in Ladakh. So, do carry a postpaid connection. BSNL has the maximum coverage.
5. Do carry drinking water with you in couple of water bottles while going for day excursions.
6. While going out for a walk or meal after evening, it is extremely important do carry a stick with you to keep the stray dogs away.